Sunday, 20 August 2017

Denial and Betrayal- Salvation and Damnation

Peter denied of knowing Jesus while Judas betrayed the Love of Jesus.
The two of them faced diverse consequences.
Peter was saved whereas Judas was condemned.

Salvation came home to Peter– Peter loved Jesus with all his heart and he trusted in HIS Faithful love and Loving Mercy. His sin brought about repentance1 in God and led him close to God's Love.
Judas was driven to damnation– Judas was earthly minded; his heart didn't seek the love of Jesus and hence couldn't believe in God's Loving Mercy. His sin took him away from God.

Let's stay close to the heart (Love) of Jesus– that we may have the strength to seek HIS loving Mercy.

1. By its very nature sin takes us away from God. By contrast, in the heart of Peter, Love caused sin to repent in God, whereas in the faithless heart of Judas, sin ran its course and led him to damnation.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Journey to the City of Faithful Love

Our journey to the City of Faithful Love begins with our  persevering Faith in God; our Humility1 in God; our repentance in God and our Faithful life2 in God.

1. To accept God's authority in our life; to accept God's will in our life; to acknowledge our sins before God.

2. Doing the deeds of Mercy and Love.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

God surely helps

A day is occupied with enough trouble of its own.
We feel wearied and overburdened by the difficulties and trials of life.
In the weakness of our faith we feel the weight of our burden still more and we feel uncertain of God's faithful love and  HIS unfailing help.
Amidst  the storm of adversity and our wavering faith, we nevertheless try to  gather ourselves to call upon God- only to find ourselves faced with dejection.

We ought to call upon God in the manner of the faith of Israelites– who when overwhelmed by the burden of tribulations, called upon Yahweh with all sincerity and with all humility– acknowledging their sinfulness and lowliness before God.
And God seeing their desperate  plight and hearing their humble cry came to their rescue.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Christ– Our Heavenly Treasure

Our Faithful friendship with Christ is an important asset in our life.

Treasure it well.

Lose Christyou lose everything.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Be Blessed

We are blessed for choosing the right path1.
We are blessed for our faithful obedience to God.
We are blessed in our loving  obedience to our Parents.
We are blessed in our humble submission to God.
We are blessed in suffering for the sake of Christ.
We are blessed for persevering in our good faith in Christ.
We are blessed for loving and serving our fellow beings and the needy ones.
We are blessed for humbly waiting upon God.
We are blessed for living uprightly according to God's commandments.
We are blessed in humbly accepting God's will for our life.
We are blessed in acknowledging our sins before God.
We are blessed for being the living witness of God's love, in this unbelieving world.
We are blessed in praying for the disbelieving children of God.
We are blessed for offering our gratefulness to God.
We are blessed in praying for the departed souls.
We are blessed for glorifying God's Holy name in this mortal world.
We are blessed for humbly accepting our disability from God's hand.
We are blessed for patiently suffering our illnesses.
We are blessed for directing people of weak faith; sinners and unbelievers to God.

1. Path of life that keeps us alive in Christ.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Under God's protection

Those who live in Humility and love of God have nothing to fear about- they are constantly under God's protection.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Fruitful living

Fruitful living is– to live a life of Love. Love that lives in communion with God. Love that lives in faithful obedience to God. Love that lives in humble submission to God.

Fruitful living is– to be fruitful in Love. Fruitful in every kind of Charity1– to bring praise and  honor to God's Holy name, in this unbelieving world.

1. being Merciful; being Forgiving; being Kind; being Gentle; being Understanding; being Patient.