Sunday, 23 July 2017

Wait upon God- and be Blessed

For everything good to happen in our life, we must wait upon God with Faith and Humility.

We must wait upon God with persevering Faith; persevering Patience; persevering Hope and persevering Love.

There is Blessedness in waiting patiently upon God.

For good things are delayed, because our good Faith is tested and God's Faithful Love is yet to be manifested.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Let your life be God-centered

For the most part, our life is either career-centered or family-centered– God is no longer the heart of our self-centered life.

Living a secular life unmindful of God  makes our life  wearisome1.

Let your life be God-centeredthat your life, career and family be restored to a peaceful conformity with God.

1. Physically tired; emotionally restless; spiritually dry and half-hearted.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

No more will sin dwell in you

Draw near to God– and God will come near to you.
Acknowledge God– and God will live in you.
With God living in youno more will sin dwell in you.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

People of Yahweh

Let the purity of our daily life render praise, honor and reverence to God's holy name, among the unbelieving world– so that Seeing our life of love and reverence, the world may come to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the son of the living God.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

What manner of faith do you practice?

The tempter1 acknowledges Christ, as the son of the living God– but doesn't Love2.

A good Christian(a child of God) acknowledges and believes in Christ, as the son of the living God– and Loves3.

What manner of faith do you practice?

1. The tempter– the devil.

2. His faith doesn't act in the virtue of Love. Love is not true to his nature.

3. Faith, Lovingly and Perseveringly follows Christ in deeds of Mercy and Love.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful- do not defile it with vain and faithless1 living.
Life is Precious- do not waste it in unfruitful2 living.

1. Life without the reverence of God.

2. Deeds which do not  edify others.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Be like a Child

As we live through life, we grow into 'mature worldly beings'- rather than growing up into 'mature children of God'.

Jesus Christ exhorts us to be like a child- in our innocence1; in our humility; in our forgiveness; in our love towards God and our neighbor.

We should diligently preserve2 this Childlikeness - even while we are maturing.
Because once we lose this gentle innocence, then it becomes difficult on part of our maturity to live a life of faith in God; to love and forgive and be innocent as  a little lamb.

1. Innocence= Childlike; Harmless (innocence will suffer in all humility but never offend- never harm.); having credulous faith (just a little evidence is enough, to believe- e.g. Apostle John); be humbly reliant (as a child is reliant on its mother for everything- we as mature children should be reliant on God.)

2. Preserve childlikeness= By staying close to God- through prayer; Holy Mass; Spiritual reading and spending time with little children.