Sunday, 25 June 2017


To live a worthy life  is so difficult in this world. The world is packed with much of vanity and less of righteousness. Things of the world are so attractive; enticing and so pleasurable to the mind, that we find it difficult to restrain our curiosity. Our curiosity runs wild- desiring to explore every single created thing. Our curious mind craves for the gratification1 of  every worldly thing.

Adolescence is the most dangerous stage of human life-  this is where the tempter lures us with every kind of vanity-  We get drifted from the right path- we get distracted the most. We only come to our senses when our wrong choices hurt us; our wrong decisions betray us.

Vanity increasingly  entangles us into every kind of curiosity- to seek one satisfaction after another. It makes us forget God. Furthermore, it makes us doubt  in the existence of God. Consequently, it makes us incapable of loving one another. For when Vanity dwells in our heart, it leaves no place for God's Love. Vanity almost succeeds in turning us into an Atheist.

Vanity is so deceiving and dangerously intoxicating, that it binds us to remain in the state of deception- all our life. Furthermore, it numbs our faith in God- we cannot feel the presence of God; we do not feel the need for God. Our wrong priorities in living our life, leads us into every kind of mess- our world turns into hell.

Only a miracle of Grace can save us from the entanglement of the world and bring us closer to God.

1. We get into the habit of satisfying the cravings of our hungry mind- only to leave our heart completely dissatisfied.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Christ and the Learned

Christ comes to live in the heart of those Learned and Knowledgeable, who are willing to count their learning as nothing1 and in humility, to accept HIM as everything2.

1. Secondary to Christ- and keeping away Pride(of being learned). Knowing Christ is of supreme worth- Christ is the Wisdom of God.

2. Our Lord and our God.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Love of God

Love of God begins to grow in a heart that believes.
Love of God continues to live in a heart that reveres God.
Love of God is a Grace that imparts Divine quality to human love.
Love of God is a salt that preserves human love from corruption.
Love of God is an Eternal light that directs our life to our Heavenly home.
Love of God gives spiritual strength to human love- to be kind; to be gentle; to be understanding; to be forgiving.
Without the Love of God, human love is incapable of uprightness.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Soaring towards Heaven

Just like an Airplane needs to gather momentum and acceleration  to take off- we need to gather1and build up our faith gradually, to rise above earthly things- and soar towards Heaven.

1. Gather faith experiences from our personal life- where we experienced God's presence- very closely.
Gather faith from the lives of the Saints.
Gather faith from the lives of the Apostles and Disciples of Christ.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Zacchaeus and Herod

In Humility1, Zacchaeus was eager to meet Jesus.
In vain curiosity and pride, Herod was waiting to meet Jesus.

Salvation came home to Zacchaeus.
Herod was left to desolation- to die in sin.

1. Humility- that is willing to welcome Jesus with all heart.
Humility- that is repentant and joyfully willing to accept God's salvation.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Perfect sacrifice

In one act of Jesus's death on the cross, HE took away the sins of generations to come- for, HE was the Perfect sacrifice.

Only a perfect1 sacrifice has the Grace to remedy the sins of the world.

Christ alone- is the way to salvation.

1. Blameless; sinless; spotless lamb.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

A moment of Light

A single spiritual moment is so precious; so valuable and so Holy. It is like a Brilliant Light.

Moments of sin are like darkness1- a whole lot of darkness.

A single little spiritual moment is a great consolation- for it dispels the darkness and brings us closer to God.

Let your day be filled with the presence of at least a single moment of light
2-  to dispel the darkness of several other unfruitful moments.

1. Gloom; anxiety; Hopelessness; unbelief.

2. A moment of Faith; Goodness; Hope in God; Good deed; Gratefulness to God; a quiet time with God.