Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Treasure the salt of Life

Our Faith; our Hope, and our Love for God, is the salt of our life.
If we neglect1 our Faith in God, our Hope2 will scatter and our Love for God will grow cold and indifferent–  making our life worthless3.

1. Neglect our Faithful obedience and Reverence to God.

2. Hope in God; Hope in Resurrection; Hope in Eternal life.

3. Unworthy of Eternal life.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Living Testimony

In our sincere Faith1 and sincere Love2, the 'TRUTH'3 of God lives–  HE gives True testimony4  to the world.

1. A Faith that perseveringly Honours God, at all times.

2. A Love that lives Faithfully and Obediently, doing God's Most Holy will– at all times.

3. Jesus Christ.

4. Jesus Christ is the Beloved Son of the Living God– in HIM alone, is our Salvation– it is HE who leads us to Eternal Life.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

God's commandment is Simple and Easy

God's commandment of  Love is Simple1–  HE has not made it difficult.
God's commandment of  Love is Easy2 on our shoulders–  HE has not made it burdensome.
The only thing is-  we should incline3 our hearts towards God's love.

1. God's commandment is mindful of human nature, it does not demand too much from our weak human nature– rather it urges us on to the observance of simple Godly values.

For our own good (to keep a watch on our sinful nature), Love exhorts us to believe in God and Honour HIS Most Holy name (by obeying HIS statutes to be Kind; Merciful; Forgiving and always Loving), that we may constantly live in HIS Most Holy presence and benefit from HIM.

The simplicity of God's Love is– it does not force our free will  (it does not act like a hard taskmaster ), rather it inspires our free will to choose between life and death– Holy life in HIM and Eternal life for our soul.

2. With our Humble Faith in HIM, HE grants us the strength of Grace to live HIS Commandments.

3. It is only when we taste God's Love (by living HIS Commandments ), that we will come to know and understand and Love– that HE truly is Good and beneficial for our life.

In this context, the Holy Scriptures encourages us by these words: "Taste and see that Yahweh is good. How Blessed are those who take refuge in HIM."  (Psalm 34:8)

Practice the virtue of Kindness; of Loving; of Mercy; of Forgiving, in your life, with all your heart and experience it for yourself, that God's Kingdom values are truly Good.

Sunday, 13 May 2018


Humility waits Patiently upon God– always Trusting and Hoping in God alone.
Humility shows readiness to accept God's salvation1.
Humility acts more Generously.
Humility is more Forgiving and Understanding and more Patient.
Humility is repentant.
Humility lives more in the Love2 of God.

1. Jesus Christ is God's salvation– in HIM alone, the mankind is saved.

2. Lives sincerely and conscientiously according to the commandment of Love.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Obedience is better than sacrifice

Life is more for Faithful Obedience to God– than for sacrifice.

We practice Faithful Obedience to God, by living HIS Commandment of Love1, at all times.
We practice Faithful Obedience to God, when we are careful about  bringing disrespect to God's Most Holy name, among the people of other faiths.
We practice Faithful  Obedience to God, by being obedient to our Parents.
We practice Faithful Obedience to God, by being obedient2  to those in authority over us.

All that we suffer in remaining Faithfully Obedient to the honor of  God, counts more than any sacrifice.

For in the virtue of Holy Obedience to God, we partake in the uprightness of Christ–  who HIMSELF remained Faithfully Obedient to God's Most Holy will-  even unto death on the Cross.

Furthermore, Sacrifices become more pleasing and acceptable to God,  at the hands of those who are Faithfully Obedient to God.

1. To be Forgiving; to be Patient; to be Understanding; to be Gentle; to be Sincere. Love is to be lived in all sincerity, with all our heart– at all times, being mindful of God.

2. Doing tasks and responsibilities assigned to us, willingly and sincerely, out of respect for the person in authority– still more, in the honour of God.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

God is waiting– for our humble return

God's hand is always outstretched to offer us HIS saving help.
HIS  Merciful heart is always constantly waiting to forgive our sins.
HE is always Patiently waiting  for our humble1  return.
His Sanctifying Grace is always waiting to renew us and restore us.
But, if we don't  step towards God's saving Grace2, we'll hopelessly3 die in our sins4.

1. To come back to HIM with sincerity and humility-  with all our heart.

2. Jesus Christ; in HIM alone is our salvation.

3. Condemned for eternity.

4. To perish in our sins due to our stubborn unbelief in God.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Christ crucified, Christ resurrected

Christ crucified gives us the strength to bear our sufferings Humbly and Patiently, with Faith and Love, in HIM.

Christ crucified inspires us and motivates us for a life of Faithful and Humble obedience to God's Most Holy will.

Christ crucified gives us the Grace to live a life of Love, in HIM.

Christ crucified inspires us for the life of Simplicity and Humility, in HIM.

Christ crucified gives us the proof of one, True God–  the proof of True Love.

Christ resurrected gives us the Hope of victory,1 in HIM.

Christ resurrected strengthens our Faith that HE is for us2 and is with us, always.

Christ resurrected gives us the Hope of Resurrection and Eternal life, in HIM.

Christ resurrected gives us Joy; Happiness and Peace, in HIM.

Christ resurrected gives us the Hope of Salvation, in HIM alone.

1. Victory over our sinful self; victory over the wickedness in the world, through life of Love, in HIM.

2. HE died for us, and HE resurrected for us, that we may live with HIM, forever.